Locations for 5x01: Arthur’s bane part 1

How awesome was the opening episode? And as always our lovely Julie has a breakdown of the locations used. Mild spoilers below!

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Hi! I really love your hard work and your blogs :3 Wanted to ask regarding (this year’s) Pierrefonds filming… I noticed on the castle’s official webpage, it says they open in May - do you know if it was the same last year? Much love! <3

— merlinknights

Hello! Thank you for your kind words <3

With regards to opening times for the castle, it varies on the time of year:

From 5th September to 30th April it is open every day except Monday, 10 am to 1pm, then it’s closed for an hour for lunch. It reopens at 2pm until 5.30 pm

Then from 2nd May to 4th September it is open every day 9.30 am to 6 pm, no Monday closures or lunch time breaks :) 

The only days of the year the castle is shut (aside from those mentioned) are January 1st, May 1st, and December 25th

As for potential filming dates for this year, we have heard rumours as to what they may be, but we’re going to hold off from saying for certain on here until we’ve confirmed it. Although a lot of other sites have specified certain weeks, we like to be completely sure before we share it on our websites as so many people check it :)

Hope this helps!

Locations for 4x13: The Sword in the Stone II

Wow! What an episode! And that’s the series done for another year, can you believe it? We hope you’ve found these little posts interesting, and thank you very much for following  ♥

I hope you have a brilliant 25th December whatever it is you celebrate. Have lots of fun and take care of yourselves!

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Locations for 4x12: The Sword in the Stone

I can’t believe we’re on the finale already! Tempus fugit.

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Locations for 4x11: The Hunter’s Heart

Just to keep you on your toes, here are the locations used last week ;)

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Locations for 4x10: A Herald of the New Age
Locations for 4x09: Lancelot du Lac

If anyone wants me, I’ll be sobbing in a corner. And apologies for the lateness of this entry ♥

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Locations for 4x08: Lamia

Poor Merlin really had his patience tested this week didn’t he!

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Locations for 4x07: The Secret Sharer

Not as many locations last week, but still a fantastic episode!

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Locations for 4x06: A Servant of Two Masters

aka “That one episode where they finally hugged”

Well, I don’t know about you guys but I loved this episode! Onto the locations!

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Locations for 4x04: Aithusa

How does this show keep getting better and better? It’s insane!

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Locations for 4x03: The Wicked Day

Sorry this is a bit later everyone! I was away for the weekend.

Anyway, how was that episode for an emotional rollercoaster? They’re certainly putting us through it this series.

Once again, the lovely Julie has put together a list of the locations used in this weeks (although I now suppose it’s actually last weeks) episode.

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