Locations for 5x12: The Diamond of the Day

Oh My God, I just loved it…

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Locations for 5x11: The Drawing of the Dark

The usual main locations were used, including the Chateau, the sets, and plenty of generic forest scenes.

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Locations for 5x10: The Kindness of Strangers

My heart, she is wrenched.

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Locations for 5x09: With All My Heart


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Locations for 5x08: The Hollow Queen

I do love me the Alice Troughton episodes…

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Locations for 5x07: A Lesson in Vengeance

Golly. A stirring episode - though not necessarily for the locations!

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Locations for 5x06: The Dark Tower

I suppose the last thing most of us are thinking about is locations right now… But here we go anyway!

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Locations for 5x05: The Disir

Well…wow. I’m sure we all have mixed feelings after that one.

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Locations for 5x04: Another’s Sorrow

It was good to see some minor characters from last series again, what an episode!

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Locations for 5x03: The Death Song of Uther Pendragon

Hello locations fans, apologies for falling behind with the posts. 

How many times did you jump watching this episode? I know I had a few starts!

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Locations for 5x02: Arthur’s bane part 2

Hows that for a plot twist then? I can’t wait to see where this series will go!

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Locations for 5x01: Arthur’s bane part 1

How awesome was the opening episode? And as always our lovely Julie has a breakdown of the locations used. Mild spoilers below!

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June 2012 filming in Pierrefonds

Hello my lovelies! 

As I’m sure you know, filming for Series 5 is currently taking place out at the Chateau de Pierrefonds. The lovely Julie from Merlin Locations is currently out there and has been uploading photos from the past week up onto flickr.

At a later date I will filter through and add some generic pictures up here to tumblr. You are of course very welcome to post spoiler photos to your blogs, but please link back to the Flickr stream in your content source!

All photos can be found *here* but be warned, here be spoilers!

Edit:  Please be warned the photos on Flickr now contain some totally serious casting (guest and recurring), costume, and prop spoilers

Did you know…?

That the location fondly known as Three Bears Caves was also used in BBC’s Sherlock?

In Merlin we first see the caves in episode 2x04: Lancelot & Gunievere as the Tunnels of Andor, and they were also used later in series 4. Upon watching Sherlock episode 2x02: The Hounds of Baskerville, Julie and I were delighted to notice it was used as the location for Dewer’s Hollow.

The caves are located in Fforest Fawr in Wales, close to Castell Coch. They’re a little tricky to get to, but very impressive to look at by all accounts. You can find out more about them here!

Cave photo | Merlin screencaps | Sherlock screencaps