Locations for 5x12: The Diamond of the Day

Oh My God, I just loved it…

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Locations for 5x11: The Drawing of the Dark

The usual main locations were used, including the Chateau, the sets, and plenty of generic forest scenes.

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Locations for 5x10: The Kindness of Strangers

My heart, she is wrenched.

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Locations for 5x09: With All My Heart


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Locations for 5x08: The Hollow Queen

I do love me the Alice Troughton episodes…

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Locations for 5x07: A Lesson in Vengeance

Golly. A stirring episode - though not necessarily for the locations!

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Locations for 5x06: The Dark Tower

I suppose the last thing most of us are thinking about is locations right now… But here we go anyway!

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Locations for 5x05: The Disir

Well…wow. I’m sure we all have mixed feelings after that one.

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Locations for 5x04: Another’s Sorrow

It was good to see some minor characters from last series again, what an episode!

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Locations for 5x03: The Death Song of Uther Pendragon

Hello locations fans, apologies for falling behind with the posts. 

How many times did you jump watching this episode? I know I had a few starts!

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Locations for 5x02: Arthur’s bane part 2

Hows that for a plot twist then? I can’t wait to see where this series will go!

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Locations for 5x01: Arthur’s bane part 1

How awesome was the opening episode? And as always our lovely Julie has a breakdown of the locations used. Mild spoilers below!

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Merlin returns!

Hello there lovely Merlin fans!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Merlin Series 5 kicks off tonight on BBC One at 7:45pm GMT withArthur’s Bane, and I’m happy to announce that this tumblr will be swinging back into action with it. Over the course of the series we will hopefully be providing you with the episode-by-episode guide to all the locations used, as well as sharing some (non spoiler) photos from the final block of filming in Pierrefonds. 

I hope you’ll accept my sincerest apologies for the inactivity of this blog, and I look forward to enjoying the new adventures with you.

Let the countdown begin!

An interview with our very own Julie!

Ever wondered about the creator of Merlin Locations? Well, now you can read an interview with her here at the brand new fandom based webzine called Fandom Wanderers.

Be sure to check them out and let them know what you think!

My apologies

Hello there location hunters!

I must apologise for being somewhat absent lately. I recently finished university and went straight into a full time job which requires me to commute 2 and a half hours each way. I’m currently out of the house for 13 hours Monday to Friday so I’m just getting used to juggling my time.

My aim within the next couple of weeks is to get a queue going with information and pictures relating to locations. In regards to series 5 I will be avoiding posting casting spoilers, some pictures from Pierrefonds filming may appear but I’ll keep them generic. When linking to outside resources I will of course warn you if there is going to be spoilers. I’m avoiding them as much as a lot of you are!

I believe we saw the first trailer today…how exciting! Not long now!